Top Non-Touristy Tourist Things To Do in Paris!

I've been to Paris now on more than five different occasions for around 2-3 weeks each, mostly during Christmas and in the Spring. My boyfriend, who is from Paris, took me around to see all the touristy spots, but in uniquely French ways that I could have never discovered myself. 

So I wanted to share with you guys a few of my favorite non-touristy tourist scenes in the City of Lights. See the best of Paris, but avoid the crowds and immerse yourself like a true parisian!



Trocadero Landing. Yes, this is where all the surreal pictures of the Eiffel Tower is taken! Photo credit:

#1 Tracadero Station landing

Don't go to the Eiffel Tower to view the Eiffel Tower! It's too tall! And who wants to spend 20 euros waiting in a ridiculous line just to go up an elevator and then come down again because it'll likely be too cold or rainy?! Yuck! Not fun!

On the Tracadero Station landing, you'll get a full breath-taking arial view of the Eiffel Tower and its gardens, fountains and pathways with the city's beautiful skyline as a backdrop. Oh, and the gentle breeze from the elevation makes it perfect for cuddling!! Who knew! ;)

Remember that the Eiffel Tower shimmers for ten minutes every hour after sunset! Catch it at the right time and you'll have the perfect picture souvenir! You're welcome!


#2 Floating bars on the Seine

Skip the expensive Seine dinner cruise, and be utterly French when you enjoy a glass of wine on a restaurant/bar on the Seine that has views of the Eiffel Tower. There are many "floating" restaurants, so just walk around and find one that has outdoor seating. Great views and great company for 8 euros. Not bad!



shopping in Le Marais - December 2013

Just like how you would never actually  shop on 5th Ave New York, don't go to the Champs-Elysees' unless you want to run into the same international brands (LVMH, Hermes, etc.) you see everywhere in the world! Try these quaint shopping neighborhoods instead for a true Parisian experience.

#1 Le Marais

With cobble-stoned pathways and beautiful 18th century homes, Le Marais is filled with boutiques, art galleries, bars and restaurants. Under dim lamps and drizzling rain, you'll feel infinitely Parisian strolling down these streets while you shop your heart out. :)


#2 Rue Mouffetard

Bars, restaurants, shops, and an open market! Yes, open markets with cheese, meats, and bread are what the French are all about. On this street, you'll really understand what it means to be ohhhh so French. 



enjoying the sun while people watching in the Jardin des Tuileries :) - May 2012

The French loveee to enjoy their afternoons with a book or glass of wine, and the city is filled with parks and cafés for this very reason. 

#1 Take a walk in the gardens at Jardin des Tuileries and sit on one of the many benches to soak up the sun. Then head to Angelina for their famous hot chocolate and afternoon treats. 


#2 Skip the fancy lunch! Pick your favorite park and buy some sandwich baguettes instead for a simple picnic in the park! You'll find plenty of people lazing around on the lawn enjoying the sun. Yet another great way to people-watch and enjoy Paris with the people you love!

Okay! That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed these tips and feel free to comment below with your favorite non-touristy tourist spots in Paris! <3 Happy sharing!

until next time ;)